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Ohmigod, that was the best piece of cheese I've seen in a long time! Shawn saw it with me, and it was fun because we kept giggling and laughing out loud and the serious parts and whispering to each other. Luckily the theater wasn't too packed. But it was so fantastic!
don't click unless you've seen the movie, or if you haven't but don't care )

All in all, a fabulous night at the movies, as long as you're secluded enough not to bug people with your incessant giggling. $8 well spent!
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Okay, so was I the only nerd obsessed with the Sweet Valley High books when I was a kid? I read them obsessively from ages 10-14. I desperately wished I had a twin. At ten and eleven, I figured that's how high school would be...I'd outgrow being so shy and awkward by then, and I'd spend my days hanging out at the local soda shop with my friends, writing a column for the school newspaper, dating someone Handsome with a Mysterious Past, and spending a semester in Paris. By ages 12 and 13 it became increasingly apparent that this is not what the future had in store for me, and the storylines became more and more ridiculous. I stopped reading them completely in high school, and took them all off my bookshelf, hiding them in a box somewhere. I let my parents throw them out at some point when we moved. Now I kind of wish I still had them (not that I need anymore books, let alone, like, eighty of them!) A testament to the Most Atrocious Writing Ever.

There was an interview with Francine Pascal in a BUST issue awhile back. This might be something only I know about, but Francine wrote some books before Sweet Valley about a girl named Victoria. I discovered them in my library when I was twelve (there were three of them but I only remember the title "Hanging Out With CiCi"). Victoria was way cooler than the Wakefield twins. She was written in the first person. She wasn't the most beautiful girl in school. She got in trouble for smoking pot at parties. She messed around with boys (anyone who read the Sweet Valley books knows the twins never went farther than "a long, lingering kiss"). She was sassy and smart mouthed and actually funny. And I couldn't understand how someone who could create a realistic teenage character like Victoria could go and create the most unrealistic twins in the world. But in the interview Francine Pascal was actually really funny and seemed pretty cool. (She called Todd boring. Awesome!) I guess I can't blame her too much that young girls would rather read about rich, popular, dazzlingly beautiful 16 yr olds instead of one who complained about how knobby her knees were and talked back to her mom.
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Currently eating Greek yogurt with honey before going to work. I'm so addicted to these things...the yogurt is very thick and rich and creamy and honey with yogurt is an amazing combination I should have thought of long ago. I'm used to eating these at work. Silverware is scarce so we usually eat with popsicle sticks that we have in bulk for waxing, and I'm so used to drizzling the honey with the stick and eating it that way, that a spoon feels kind of awkward.

First, an announcement: Shawn and I will not be having our New Years party this year. I'm disappointed because it's our second time not having it, but since we're visiting his mom in San Diego for Xmas, we can't take off any days for New Years. (I'm rather miffed the spa is open on New Years Day. Who the hell is going to come in? Everyone will already be waxed by New Years Eve, and no one should even get a facial or a massage after all that drinking.) So someone else needs to take the reins this year. Whoever does, we'll be happy to attend and we'll probably stay much longer than we should and we'll keep saying, "We should go soon, we both have to wake up early," but we'll still keep hanging around. And if anyone does come for an eyebrow wax on New Years Day...well, let's just say they'll be taking their chances with a hungover esthetician.

Shawn and I saw Goblet of Fire opening midnight. Our neighbor Dustin scared us by saying he'd been searching everywhere for tickets and they were all sold out, but we drove to a kind of shitty theater further down the not-trendy part of Lincoln Ave, and there were only a handful of people there. Thar Be Spoilers )

Okay, enough of that. Here's a little bit of thankfulness to end the post:

Name 5 of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick 5 people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used. Tag 5 people on your list.

1. Holiday potlucks.
2. Greek yogurt with honey.
3. Napping cats.
4. Friends from afar coming to visit.
5. A "green" Christmas in San Diego.
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Shawn and I just finished watching My So-Called Life. *satisfied sigh* I forgot how perfect that show was, with it's language ("Like, you know, or...whatever."), its spot on characters (introspective Angela, attention-hungry Rayanne, boy-disease ridden Jordan, awkward Brian), and even though there were a few Very Special Episodes (remember the one where Juliana Hatfield played a homeless angel?), everything was very on target. But like most of my favorite TV series, the plug was pulled just as things were getting good. It ends with Angela getting back together with Jordan, but discovering that Brian wrote the apology letter for him ("So? She's still going to die. We're all going to die someday!") She and Rayanne still aren't speaking, and Rickie is living with English teacher Mr. Katimsky. So here's what I think the second season would have been like.

My So-Called 2nd Season )


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