Jan. 25th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Last night Shawn and I went with a bunch of fantastic people who we never get to see often enough to dinner at the Green Zebra, a schmancy vegetarian restaurant (or as one friend put it, "vegetable cuisine"). We had our own private room and ordered a bunch of different courses from the menu. I got:

Garlic soup with truffle oil. So good! Possibly my favorite of the evening. The taste was very mellow and not too garlicky at all.

Shared cheese plate. Really can you ever go wrong with cheese? The blue cheese especially was a hit, because it wasn't too sharp the way it sometimes can be.

Potato gnocchi. This one was disappointing. At first I thought they brought me the wrong dish because it was a bowlful of tiny round potatoes. I wondered where my gnocchi was. It was very good, but it soon began to dawn on me that this was the gnocchi dish. I wondered, was I wrong? I know that gnocchi is basically made from potatoes. But no, I wasn't wrong at all! Gnocchi is pasta, dammit! Do not serve a bowl of tater tots to an Italian and call it gnocchi! Shawn got a spicy sweet potato filled pastry that I wish I'd gotten instead.

Mushroom popover. This was yummy Italian bread filled with tiny mushrooms and a dab of the fantastic blue cheese from before. This one was good. The blue cheese was a perfect complement to the mushrooms.

Coconut rice pudding topped with lime ice cream. Okay, it sounds a little odd, but I decided to get it because I knew Shawn would want the other dessert option, which was a warm chocolate pudding in a pastry shell. I was very happy with my coconut/lime confection and ate it all up. I usually can't have more than a few bites of rich chocolate, so I made the right choice.

And now I'm making myself hungry all over again. That's the only bad thing about schmancy restaurants...tiny little portions means no boxed up leftovers the next day.


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