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Oct. 30th, 2008 09:49 am
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I went to yoga yesterday. I haven't done that in such a long time. I kept making all sorts of excuses, like, "I'm too hungover today," "I'm getting brunch with a friend instead," "I should stay in and clean the apt". It was actually a rough session for me. I had made sure to eat enough breakfast so that I wouldn't get lightheaded, but I hadn't drank enough water so I got lightheaded anyway. Ran out of the room during Warrior pose when I started seeing spots, and gulped down some water in the front area. Was mostly fine after that. Over the summer I was pretty good about bringing my water bottle filled with Emergen-C, must remember to do that again. Electrolytes, important! Also, my sinuses are unhappy so every time I did Downward Dog (dirty!) I gave myself a headache. Not to mention my new yoga mat still smells like plastic. Not good when you're trying to take a deep, cleansing breath and all you can think is, "Agh! Toxic!"

Still felt nice and loose when I got home and I cleared my sinuses with my neti pot. I just did a quick practice this morning while my coffee was brewing. I will definitely be back next week...I want to make sure I'm in the habit of going every Wednesday so that I still make myself in the winter when all I really want to do is stay inside and huddle under blankets.
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