May. 28th, 2008

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Shawn and I came back from our trip to Wiscon on Sunday night. There was much pouting and dragging feet about this because we really didn't want to leave early. Unfortunately, I couldn't get out of work on Memorial Day, and I made some good money, so I can't complain too much. Even though we missed the dessert salon and the parties and more hang out time with friends we never get to see enough. There's always next year.

Highlights included:

1. The Friday night party where Shawn built a spaceship out of a wine bottle and tin foil. Will post pictures possibly tomorrow. The theme was Robot Liberation, which caused Shawn and I to sing this song for the rest of the night:

2. Shawn's dad having one of her (for those of you new to my lj, Shawn's dad is a MTF trans, a lovely woman, and we're very proud and supportive of her) amazing paintings in the art show (it was the one of the naked Barbie in space, if you didn't know this).

3. The Farmer's Market! We totally brought a cooler with us specifically for this. We brought back squeaky cheese curds, homemade jam, tomato basil cheese spread, and homemade applesauce. Yum.

4. [ profile] heathergalaxy's panel about what a vegetarian/vegan world would look like. It was very thought-provoking, although I find it annoying that every veggie discussion eventually gets derailed by questions of, "But what about protein? Where in god's name do you get your protein?!?!"

5. It was too nice out to be inside all day, so I took a walk around Madison and looked at all the stores. Didn't see clothes that I wanted to buy, but I went into their apothecary and loved it. It was kind of like the Merz Apothecary, where I worked for a couple years, but it was a bigger space so it was nice and spread out instead of all shoved into this tiny little space. I bought a green tea clay mask that I'll probably try out today.

6. I think my favorite panel was Fairy Tales for a New Generation of Girls. It featured retellings of fairy tales by five different authors, and there was a nice discussion about why fairy tales are still so compelling, the original dark versions compared with the Disneyfied versions, and all the different ways of subverting them. I use a lot of fairy tale imagery in my own writing, so it was a lot of fun.

7. There were other panels that ranged between good and meh that I'm not getting into. In any case, we ended the trip in a large group getting Japanese food for [ profile] kesyrah's birthday. We even split a bottle of plum wine that was delicious.

We were sad to leave, but it turns out it was actually a good thing we did. An especially killer strain of stomach flu circulated the convention, and we managed to avoid it. Between leaving early or traveling back home a day later sick as a dog, I'll take leaving early.

It turns out we also missed drama. Extreme Drama! I was considering not posting it, because it's the kind of thing that's better to ignore, but it really pissed me off. I'm not going to post any links because the whole thing was just infuriating, but here's my own retelling of what happened. Feel free to not click the link if you're sick of the story and would prefer it just go away. you want snark? Oh, I'll give you snark! )

Okay, off to start the day (at 1:30PM). Must put down the squeaky cheese curds!


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