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The rest of the trip was relaxing and lovely. Light shopping (yarn store! squee!), hanging out with our good friends Colin and Marcie, and their baby Liam, and taking long walks outside. It gets chilly when the sun goes down, but never more than just "chilly." At one point I passed a women dressed in Uggs, cargo pants, and sweater and a hat and overheard her say, "I should have worn long johns! Its freezing!" I couldn't help laughing out loud. Sweetie, you don't know what freezing is!

Baby Liam is definitely the most chill baby I've ever encountered. We wheeled him around all day in his stroller and he didn't make a peep. Totally a laid back California baby. Wet diaper? Hungry? Cold? Meh, whatevs. Eventually they want to move back to the midwest, and we were joking that someday Liam will discover he used to live in California, and will be very upset. "Seriously? We lived in San Diego, and you moved us back to IL? I could have learned to surf? What the hell were you two thinking?!"

And now we're back home in the cold and snow. Sigh. Still happy though. Vacations are fun, but eventually you need your own bed and your own kitties.
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Going to attempt a brief summary of my San Diego Thanksgiving:

-My MIL's cats, Andre and Rosie, are getting bigger and fitting into their personalities. Andre is still the big laid back moose, who likes to play and is fine with you picking him up. Rosie was much more adventurous this time, and didn't hide, but she only likes MIL to pet her, and gave little protest squeaks if I came too close.

-Both BIL's (A and J) were in attendance. All three of them could be found on their laptops at any given moment.

-The weather was gorgeous by our standards, but not by the natives. It was misty the first day and we giggled because every news channel kept reporting "STORMWATCH 2008!" It's seriously like spritzing a cat with water and the cat freaking the hell out.

-It did rain hard on Thanksgiving morning. For about ten minutes. Then the sun came out again. Granted, it does get dangerous when it rains because there are no gutters and the roads get very slick and oily (nothing a Midwestener used to icy roads can't handle), but we still imagined San Diegoans complaining, "Thanksgiving is ruined!" Years from now, they will remember the horrible Thanksgiving when it rained and no one came to dinner because they were scared to leave the house.

-Watched the Macy's Day Parade. The float for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends had Rick Astley! The Brothers Feakins immediately educated their mom about Rick rolling.

-Then watched the Westminster Dog Show. Awww...puppies!

-Took a walk in the sunny weather. Didn't miss snow at all.

-Had dinner at about 4. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, stuffing...mmm...carbilicious. Napped for two hours afterwards, then watched TV with A and J. Sweet, sweet cable.

Motivation to post...waning. Will post more about the trip tomorrow.


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