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Please sign this here petition to protest uber-anti-abortion Susan Orr being appointed Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs (man, that job title is a mouthful!).

I haven't been keeping up on current affairs, except in the most tenuous ways, because it keeps getting more and more depressing. I need to tune in more, because exciting things are happening as the Bush administration finally draws to a close, but I still get depressed when I hear Democratic candidates quizzed about how many times a week they go to church, or side remarks about Hilary's big thighs. Because we all know that a woman with big thighs can't possibly lead a nation!

All I want is for my government to be smart. I don't care if they are religious. In fact, I'm more likely to vote for them if they aren't. And education isn't everything, but for goddess sake, tell me you believe in evolution! It's depressing that admitting you have some kind of scientific knowledge can make you lose votes in this country. Stop telling me that you sing in the church choir every Sunday. Stop telling me that your greatest hero is your mom. Stop playing dumb for America. Use one big word in a sentence, and you have my vote!

And if you are against abortion, then fine! Let's work together to stop it. Those of us who are pro-choice don't necessarily like abortion, it's just that sometimes the condom breaks and you're eighteen and about to go to college and what are you gonna do? And I'm not talking about myself there...I have never never never had an unplanned pregnancy because I have always used some type of birth control, and what do you know? It works! Let's join hands and teach young kids about the wonders of birth control. Let's develop new kinds of birth control that works better and doesn't throw female hormones out of whack so much. My mom talked to me about birth control long before sex was even much of an urge for me, and that worked out so much better than if she ignored the subject and just told me never to have sex.

Of course, now that I'm a grown up and don't really plan on having kids ever, my mom would probably kill for me to mess up my birth control.
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One of the girls at my work just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. She's been dating him for a while now, they live together, and were just a few weeks away from moving into a condo they bought together. From what I heard, he hasn't slept with anyone, but he's dating someone (whatever that means...taking some girl out to dinner...don't know if I buy the "hasn't slept with her" part). I never liked the guy anyway...I only met him once and barely said hi and my only impression was, "Wow, he's tall." But I still got bad vibes from hearing about him because 1.) He told her to vote for Bush because Kerry wanted to tax the rich and he'd be out of a job if he had to pay more taxes (wanker). 2.) They'd been living together for a long time and she really really wanted to get married, but he kept refusing or putting it off because he was married once before, even though they were buying a condo together. 3.) Another condition of getting married was that he didn't want kids. I don't want kids either, and neither does Shawn so that's fine. But she did want kids and that's not something you should have to give up. Yeah, so big wanker, and the general consensus at work is that she's better off without him, though it's terrible she's so hurt right now because she's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. (A few months ago she even arranged a surprise trip to Vegas for his birthday and invited all of his friends, even ones he'd been out of touch with for years. Wanker!)

The main reason why I'm posting about this...because quite frankly, it's not that much of a surprise, and better this happen now than after getting married or moving into the a discussion I had with another esthetician about it. Basically, she said, "Well, it's really hard because men are so visual. They're ruled by their urges." I said, "Yeah, but the decent ones can keep it in their pants." She agreed, but again said how much harder it is for guys, and how she can't imagine what it's like to be ruled by something outside of yourself. I guess the implication that all guys are fighting against their uncontrollable urges to fuck everything in sight bothers me. Probably because none of the guys I know are like that.

Are you? Guys on my f-list...are you constantly fighting against this mad urge to cheat on your girlfriend? Is it a daily struggle because you're so visual and women are these foul temptresses, constantly playing on your desires? If it was possible, would you run rampant in the streets, fucking anyone you could? Or maybe I'm crazy, because usually when couples I know break up, it's for different reasons, like drugs or lack of chemistry or lifestyles just becoming too different. What do you all we just live in BizarroLand? Or am I right, and basically this guy is a wanker?


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