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Oct. 22nd, 2008 06:27 pm
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+ Halloween is coming up! Yay!
- Still uncertain about plans. Might be a couple parties to attend on Friday, but I want plans for Sat too!
+ Had brunch and went shopping with a good friend today.
+ Bought lots of cute stuff. Like a candle for a friend's birthday, a cute skirt to wear dancing this Sat night, a skirt for my Halloween costume, a couple shirts and a roomy tote bag.
- The candle broke at some point. Boo!
- Probably spent too much money.
+ Everything that I did buy was hella cheap. Like, $5-$15 range.
+ Put back some stuff that I wanted. See? I'm frugal! Kinda!
+ Found perfect boots that I want want want.
- Look at that price tag! Damn!
+ Going to stalk them on zappos until January, when the price gets slashed.
- Means I have to wait until January.
+ Had a mini-high school reunion on Sunday with two very old friends.
- Other friend who was supposed to come wasn't able to because her boyfriend threw a hissy fit.
- Beginning to dislike Mr. New Boyfriend.
+ Good friend's birthday this Sat. Dancing to britpop music at Panic!
+ Shawn's been making a lot of homemade applesauce. It's delish.
+ It's nice to have a gourmet husband ;)
+ Probably going to make chickpea noodle soup tonight.
+ Also hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] eyeinject to work on my Halloween costume.
+ Day off tomorrow with Shawn.
+ It's happy when the +'s outweigh the -'s.
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When I can't think of what to post, a list usually works just fine:

1. I'm going to be doing a reading for the Story Studio in October. It's about brazilian waxing. I'm excited, I'm starting to feel like a real writer again.

2. Grad school is still on the horizon, and I think I'll have to apply for summer semester since I didn't make the deadline for winter semester. Probably better to wait anyway, what with money and all.

3. Went to Toronto for a weekend with our friend Jackie. I liked it a lot, I wish we'd been able to spend more time there. Must definitely return at some point.

4. Went to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday and walked away with a lot of awesome stuff. A cool felt birdie that I want to sew to one of my red Tricoci shirts that I only wear for Xmas, a couple amazing necklaces, and a tshirt stabilizer from sublime stitching. Yay!

5. And the real reason for posting? I finally put all the wedding photos on flickr. Check them out at www.flickr.com/photos/shawn_n_jess
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1. After having a wedding just a few weeks ago, I'm happy to let this birthday slip by quietly.
2. It's been decided that 31 is the new 21, only with a higher tolerance and better taste in liquor (no more fuzzy navals or amaretto stone sours).
3. Shawn and I decided what to get each other ahead of time this year. He wanted a bike so I got him one. I wanted a sewing machine, so he got me one. Nice.
4. Shawn is making tilapia for dinner and brownies with raspberry wine for dessert. This is why he's the best partner ever.
5. Slight tangent, but does anyone have better words for "husband" and "wife"? They sound so medieval. Is there a sexier word for "spouse"?
6. After dinner we're having drinks with Amy.
7. Tomorrow night I'm going dancing with my friend Jennifer at Neo.
8. In two weeks we're going to Niagara/Toronto with Jackie.
9. Tomorrow afternoon we're going to Crate n Barrell to cash in our gift cards for more stuff. Woo! Stainless steel garbage can!
10. Birthdays are good for getting to leave work early. Think I can use the same excuse next week? "It's the one week anniversary of my 31st birthday!"
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I rarely update this anymore except for silly quizzes. LJ was all-consuming for a couple years, and that's died down, which is probably for the best. Most of you have me added on myspace, but for those who don't I'm at www.myspace.com/reddollshoes. All the same there are some major changes going on that I feel I should post about.

1. Shawn and I are finally getting hitched this August. Lots of you will be getting savethedate/sendusyourhome address evites pretty soon. Wedding planning is going easily and is actually fun, but I think that's because we're not doing a traditional wedding whatsoever. I've never done anything the way it's supposed to be done in my life, so no reason to start now. (By the way...there's really no need to congratulate us. I know it's polite, but Shawn and I have been together for 7 years, so it's not like it's that big a deal.)

2. I'm about ready for a job change. The esthetician thing is cool and interesting, but I don't think I ever expected to do it for the long haul. It's a very physical job, and I think I'm ready for something more mental. I was toying with the idea of grad school for writing and then becoming a writing teacher, but I'm a little too freaked out over spending that much money on such a narrow field. ([livejournal.com profile] nobodys_baby, that doesn't apply to you. You're going to kick ass, and someday I'll bribe my way into one of your classes so you can be my teacher.) So I've decided to go to grad school for library science instead and join the ranks of all the hip, sexy librarians that I know. I think I'll be happier working with books. I'm ready to be done working with moisturizer. I'll always be available to wax, though.

3. I haven't completely turned my back on writing, though. I'm currently taking a class on Freelance Magazine Article Writing at Story Studio, a writing workshop that offers all sorts of cool classes. My teacher is Erin O'Neill, a professional freelancer who kind of reminds me of an Irish Lorelai Gilmore. I like that she's extremely upbeat and positive and told us at the beginning of the first class that "magazines are the easiest market to break into. Anyone in here can write an article and get it published." Rock! I have to say, I've been learning more in just three classes than I learned in three years of journalism classes at Columbia College. Don't know if that says something about Erin as a teacher or something about Columbia as a school.

And now I desperately need to get offline, clean my kitchen and run some errands.
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Haven't written in a long while. [livejournal.com profile] hologram_golem and I went to San Diego to visit his mum and our friends Collin and Marcie. A good time was had, despite me getting sick my last two days there. At least we had all our fun before that happened.


1. We saw seals at La Jolla beach! They were swimming in the ocean, then as soon as the last stragglers left their beach, they rolled onshore. Literally rolled over with a wave. There were baby seals too. It was awesome.

2. We also saw lots of crabs scuttling around the marine pools between the rocks on the beach. We even saw some of them fighting with each other. There were little fish and anemones too. More awesome.

3. Shawn's mom Debbie loves buying me stuff, and she's a great shopper. I kept trying to pay for things myself, I really did, but she'd just take it right out of my hands. Shawn and his brothers learned when they were little not to pick anything up because she'd immediately buy it. Luckily she's a thrifty shopper and took me to the most kickass 2nd hand stores. My best score was a gorgeous black flapper skirt with a sequined art deco-esque pattern for $8.

4. We woke up much too early every morning between bright sunshine from the uncurtained windows, and Debbie's bird, Baby, screeching and screeching very early in the AM. Debbie is pretty deaf to it at this point, but we sure weren't. I'll take a cat or dog over a screechy bird any day.

5. Debbie took Marcie and I to high tea at the Coronado hotel. Very posh and pretty delicious as well. Who knew tiny sandwiches could be so filling? (When there's a three-tiered tray of them, of course.)

6. ComicCon madness! Wonder Women and Jokers and Leias, oh my! It was freaking hot outside but there were still people in full Darth Vader gear waiting in line. It was pretty crowded and overwhelming, but still fun with lots of cool artwork and neat small press comics and Harry Potter displays. I got to see a Veronica Mars panel (huge applause for Jason Dohring, who plays Logan) and a Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise) panel.

7. Collin was hopping up and down like an excited kid for ComicCon, bought a ton of comics, and then got himself all overstimulated. Awww. His wife Marcie wanted to look at the artwork, but he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the Marvel set up and she was like, "Wait! No!"

8. Breakfast at Dennys with a lot of Shawn's internet comic geek friends, including Merlin (actual name), who we crashed with when we visited England, and Gail Simone, who writes Birds of Prey. I was worried I'd be out of the loop, but Gail's husband kept going around the table asking questions, like "What's your favorite comic?" I said mine is Dame Darcy's MeatCake, which they'd never heard of, so I got to describe Dame Darcy to a bunch of superhero comic fans. "It has Victorian girls who get drunk and cause trouble, and there's a mermaid that lures sailors to their death, and there's a character named Strega Pez who speaks by having pez come out of her throat and the blood tastes like raspberry jam!"

9. We saw A Scanner Darkly and Clerks II. I got a cookie ice cream sandwich, and Merlin said, "Wow that looks good," and got one too. He decided it summed up everything that's wonderful and wrong with America, because it was so good and the cookies were "proper cookies, not biscuits like they would be in England," but they still trick you into eating two giant cookies when usually you would just have one.

10. So much sushi! Mmm...sushi. There was definitely good eating, but it's nice to come home and not gorge at restaurants every night.
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Some Happy Things...

1. Shawn and I just played Scrabble. He beat me twice, but it was still fun. I got "lox" on my first try!

2. Miss [livejournal.com profile] eyeinject is rebound-bound-bounding away from her evil (and finally official) ex. Woo hoo!

3. Going to see [livejournal.com profile] mumchancegaloot's band Human Aftertaste tomorrow night with lots of good people, including [livejournal.com profile] bibliomouse.

4. Shawn and I made pasta with cherry tomatoes and feta cheese with garlic bread for dinner. Yum.

5. Going to see [livejournal.com profile] exquisitezebra's swanky condo next Friday. We promise to eat beforehand so we don't mess up your new kitchen, Ray. And no red wine...only white.

Not So Happy Things...

1. My lips are doing that weird swelling up/itchy/dry thing again. But I think I finally pinpointed the cause...yesterday I ate a mango. I don't know if I ate mangoes the other three times this has happened in the last year, but it seems plausible.

2. Went to Sonoteque last night to see Amy and Aaron, but couldn't stay long. I actually like Sonoteque, but last night was just a tad too crowded and smoky. By "crowded" I mean "elbow to elbow", and by "smoky" I mean "cigarettes right at eye level". It's not easy being 5'2". But at least we get to hang out tomorrow.

3. Lots of our friends who are couples are breaking up. Some of them were a long time coming, even if we had no idea at the time. Some are sad, but they're at least being very mature and friendly about it. (Big huge hugs to [livejournal.com profile] lebris16 and [livejournal.com profile] star_spark. You two are in my thoughts and I wish you both the best.)
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Another disjointed list:

1. Had a very tame 4th of July. Shawn and I worked all weekend. I went home early Saturday because there was nothing going on, but the actual 4th was pretty busy, possibly because it was rainy. The rain was fine with me...we need it badly, and I really don't care if other people have their barbecues rained out. This is because I am a very mean person. So there.

2. Almost done watching Freaks and Geeks. Totally adore that show. Although Lindsey is starting to get on my nerves...she's way too much of a goody goody, although she has her moments. What's the point of hanging out with the "bad kids" of school if you aren't going to be a little bad?

3. Shawn and I have been shopping at the Farmers Market on Tuesdays. Yesterday we got three different kinds of dip (spinach artichoke, portabello salsa and pineapple salsa), the best tasting baby bella mushrooms ever, and some green onions. Now we just have to do more cooking to actually use them.

4. Going to visit my friend Jennifer in a bit. She and her husband bought a house in Elmwood Park a couple months ago and I'm going to see it in it's semi-finished state. She seriously lives a few blocks away from Diane now. Don't know if I'll see Diane today...she told me last week that she was off today and was planning on coming out here to go shopping or something, then I never heard from her. So she might be working or just hanging out with Nick. But at least there wasn't any family emergency this time!


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