Nov. 7th, 2005 10:49 am
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We got back yesterday afternoon from Indiana. The wedding was actually quite lovely and beautifully done...Colin's sister Emily had really pretty bouquets of large orange and yellow flowers for fall. The dresses were pretty, or at least will be if the bridesmaids dye them black instead of that greenish color. And there were totally fireworks! The banquet hall had a pond behind them and they had fireworks for about 15 minutes, which was really cool. Definitely the show stopper was the groomsmens tuxes, which usually isn't the case. The groom had everyone wear these pimped out tuxes with long coats, a double gold chain on the pants, and fedoras with a large white band around them. For the first time at a wedding, Shawn blended in.

Colin's wife Marcie was in the wedding, and was pretty aggravated by the whole thing. They made her and one other girl cover up their tattoos so it looked like they were horribly bruised. She asked the hairdresser for just a simple bun, and got a head full of bobby pins instead. Colin's family totally forgot the shoes she was supposed to wear, so she wore the brides instead (which were a couple sizes too large) and the bride just went barefoot since no one could tell with the dress anyway. And she was really unhappy about having to sit at the head table when Colin (who was an usher) got to sit with us. She and Colin developed signals for her to tell him to get her another drink. When the dinner ended and the dancing started she came over to our table and we talked the whole time.

The dj wasn't bad. There was the usual mix of typical wedding songs, but there were some stuff that was a little different, like "Zoot Suit Riot," and they played "Let's Dance" by David Bowie, which was happy. The end of the wedding was devoted to "Let's Get It On" type songs, so there was a whole lot of grinding. I don't want to say that most of the other girls there were a bunch of whores, but the guys who brought them as dates are pretty slutty themselves so it worked. Colin's cousin brought his girlfriend or date or whatever, who looked like she could be kind of cool with short black hair, tattoos (okay, they were just Chinese characters, but whatever), short black skirt and black stiletto boots (and a pink tube top with not much to hold it up...hee hee). Then we met her back at the hotel, and she was basically a club slut who talked about how she was so wasted because she tipped the bartender $20 to make sure her drinks were strong and she was from Chicago where she was used to paying $101 dollars for a night out (I'm not making that up!). Shawn, Marcie and I went up the elevator with her and her boyfriend, said goodnight, and as soon as they turned the corner she said really loudly, "The most boring people in the world are right over there. I couldn't have a conversation with them." We just started laughing.

Marcie came back with us because Colin wanted to say goodbye to people and get her stuff. I took the millions of bobby pins out of her hair, and we waited for Colin (she didn't have a key to get back to her room). And we waited. And waited. Eventually Shawn went and took a shower. Still no Colin. Marcie was justifiably getting pretty pissed. She said, "He's probably with Pat in a liquor store parking lot, having some big, serious talk." Finally Shawn got out of the shower and decided to check the rooms, just in case Colin and Pat forgot our room number and were waiting for us. About ten minutes later we hear their voices outside and Marcie says, "Watch this, there's going to be some big story." Sure enough, they burst in saying, "Okay, you have to hear this!" Apparently Colin and Pat got Marcie's clothes (actually, they got one shoe. They totally couldn't find her stuff except for one shoe!), and Pat said, "Is that it?" and Colin said, "Yeah," and Pat took off without realizing he was Colin's ride. So Colin had to get someone from the banquet hall to drive him to the hotel, went to Pat's room and punched him, and they had big fight (well, one of those boys wrestling fights, not a serious one). They had just forgiven each other and were having a beer when Shawn showed up. Colin said, "Dude, we just had a fight!" and Shawn said, "Really? Well, you're about to have another one." It was pretty funny watching Colin trying to explain it all...he even handed Marcie his beer and said, "See? It's the first one and it's still heavy!" I think he probably still got in trouble that night because he kept wanting to hang out and they had tons of stuff to do early in the morning before their flight (like find Marcie's other shoe!), but we agreed it all comes down to this...don't ever let drunk boys do anything!


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