Jan. 15th, 2009

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It is freezing outside! So I'm feeling very lucky that Shawn and I are both off today and have decided that we are not going to set foot outdoors. The bad thing is that our pipes have burst again, but the handyman is coming in a little bit. What's bizarre is that last night when they burst (again!) our water pressure went very low, but today the pressure is fine, and nothing appears to be leaking. However, when Shawn tried starting the washing machine he could hear ice crackling. So our theory is that the pipes froze over to the point where it sealed up the leaks. Not bad as a temporary fix, but glad someone is coming.

We went to Best Buy yesterday and bought a new camera. We went with the kodak easyshare. It's cute and small and red, and it's crazy user-friendly for a novice like me, so I think I'll be able to take much better pictures with it.

Think I'm going to make a batch of potato white bean soup for right now. We're going to make tilapia with roasted kale later on, but soup will be good for lunch. I played with the wii fit earlier (so much fun!), so I got my exercise for the day. The rest will be about eating and finding a new project to knit.


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