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Meme not only stolen, but written by the incomparable [ profile] quaquav so you know it's good stuff.

D'rools: Answer as tersely or verbosely as you like. Add questions, subtract, substitute. I like prime numbers, hence the strange number of Qs.

1. What kind of luggage suits your personality best?
The type with a pullout handle that rolls. I've been using a small one that I actually got from esthetics school to carry my books. It's black but I always recognize it because my cat Bowie scratched the hell out of it. I'd like to get something a bit cuter and with more pockets, though.

2. If you could have the adventure of your choice but somehow had time to dress for it, what would you set off wearing?
I'm an urban adventurer, so I'd be wearing a hot red dress, retro makeup and my hair all did. Are there rockstars involved in this adventure? Preferably British ones?

3. Okay, so then I have to ask: what's your adventure of choice?
Shh...I'm thinking about the British rockstars.

4. Ever felt like you're slightly psychic? How come, what went down?
I've met people before who convinced me they were psychic, but I never got that for myself. Intuitive and analytical as hell, but not psychic.

5. It's blazing hot outside, and you have the day off. What's for dinner?
Pasta with avocado pesto. Filling, but the avocado cools down the pasta.

6. Same question, only it's bloody cold now.
That would be today. I made potato bean chowder and Shawn made tilapia with roasted kale. It was delish.

7. You smell something that reminds you of something lovely in your past. What'd you just smell, and what's the memory or time of life you're reliving?
The ocean. I was born in Florida (only lived there till I was 4) and we went to the beach all the time, and later on went back often to visit my grandmother. It always reminds me of childhood. Except I very rarely go to the beach, even in all my San Diego trips. I'm not really a beach person.

8. What feature really seals the deal and makes you so good to look at?
I'd say the hair. I got the good hair genes.

9. Favourite quick, easy, homemade food for when you're in a bind?

10. Tell us a joke, luv.
Hitler goes to his doctor and he says, "Doctor, every time I give one of my impassioned speeches to the Fatherland, I ejaculate. What should I do?" The doctor says, "Hitler, don't change a thing. If you did not ejaculate every time you gave one of your impassioned speeches to the Fatherland those same speeches would somehow be impotent."

11. Song that you just want to listen to for endless repetitions [today. It can change pretty often]: 

12. If you only get one in a song and the other sucks, which'll move you more: good songwriting or fab vocals? [the music can stay uniformly good]
Good songwriting. As a writer I'll take clever lyrics over soaring vocals (that usually make me wince anyway).

13. What kind of fashion do you wish you could pull off but for some reason don't try to?
Um...pastels? Hip hop? But I've never wished to pull them off. I'm adventurous in my clothing, so if there was a type of fashion I wished to pull off, I'd go ahead and try it.

14. Is there someone you really regret losing touch with or not being as close to as you used to?
I had a good friend in childhood who moved to Ireland when I was very young. We kept in touch with letters till high school. One day she showed up at my door and said she moved back. The meeting was partly cool but also partly awkward. Hardly surprising after so many years. She said she'd call, but I think the awkwardness spooked her and she never did, and I didn't have her info. Kicking myself that I didn't get her number because I really did want to see her again. I've tried googling her but she has one of the most Irish names out there, so that's pretty much impossible.

15. Why do cats always go to non-cat people? Are they being jerks or secretly so insecure they need everyone to like them?
Ah, there is a reason for this! Cats go to non-cat people specifically because they're the only people in the room not making a fuss over them. Cats (at least mine) don't like when strangers approach them and want to get all friendly. When someone keeps their distance, cats see it as a sign of respect, and they reward the person by rubbing their furry bodies all over black pants.

16. What kind of book do you think you have in you? To write, I mean.
Argh! Too complicated! Sad to say, I don't think I have a full length fiction book in me anymore. I'd love to do something creative nonfiction someday.

17. What celebrity will be your red-carpet date when you hit the big time? [Death no bar]
Hello, Ewan McGregor. So good of you to divorce your wife for me.

Date: 2009-01-16 07:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
She just showed up and then vanished into thin air again? That sucks.

Also, yay, you picked up the ragtag meme of randomness and pointlessness. You're a good sport! :)
I took bits and bobs from whatever people around me [or the TV] were talking about and firmly squashed the urge to write 23 questions entirely about food. I know some of the Qs are lame [I'll get better], but yay, it works -- I know more about you now, and also could maybe find your luggage at the airport :)

Bowie, eh? Good name. He [David] always struck me as feline.

Date: 2009-01-16 04:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I thought it was a great's not the same old questions you keep seeing over and over and you can tell it wasn't written by a 16 yr old ("Do you h@ve a crush on someone? What is ur favorite class?").


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