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Ohmigod, that was the best piece of cheese I've seen in a long time! Shawn saw it with me, and it was fun because we kept giggling and laughing out loud and the serious parts and whispering to each other. Luckily the theater wasn't too packed. But it was so fantastic!

My favorite parts:
- When Bella sees Edward in biology class and there is a stuffed owl behind him, placed just so to make it look like he has angel wings. Bwahahaha!
- The smoldering eyes! The apple trick! Following her around just so he can say, "I think we should stay away from each other"!
- The great group of sweet, funny kids who adopt Bella and bring her into their crowd even though she has absolutely no interest in them whatsoever because they aren't tortured.
- "I will take you into the sunlight so you can see me for what I really am!" And he steps into the light and he's...sparkly? Seriously? That's the monstrosity...that he looks like David Bowie in The Man Who Fell From Space? BWAHAHAHAHA! No wonder tween girls love this so much!
- Oh, the we-can't-have-sex metaphors! "No, I must have willpower! I must be strong! I must fight this!" Poor Mormon vampire!
- The scene where Edward had to suck the venom out of Bella before she turned reminded me of the episode where Buffy forced Angel to drink some of her blood so he wouldn't die from the curse Faith put on him. Both are metaphors for sex, but where the scene of Buffy and Angel was pretty hot, Edward had his DAD sitting right next to him, saying, "You can fight this, son! Use your will to stop before you go too far!" Ewwwwwww.

All in all, a fabulous night at the movies, as long as you're secluded enough not to bug people with your incessant giggling. $8 well spent!
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