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*sigh* Last day of UndeadJournal. How I'll miss it!

I think I finally have my costume sorted out. I'm trying to be Kenley from Project Runway. I'm going to get my hair straighted out at work tonight (I hope my girl isn't too booked!), then my usual retro makeup, and this awesome feather headband I found at Urban Outfitters.

I'm specifically trying to mimic this dress:

She never actually wore it, just made it, but otherwise I would just look like myself for Halloween (Kenley was all about the retro-wear). I bought two black-and-purple plaid shirts from H&M, cut off the sleeves, had a much more sewing-savvy friend help me pin them together so the sleeves would puff, then hand-stitched them. Project Runway, indeed! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Last week I bought a floral skirt at a resale shop...unfortunately not the bright pastel bubble skirt in the picture, it's a black skirt with a pink cherry blossom print, but it's the closest I could find to a "Kenley-print". It's not easy finding florals in October! It will still clash marvellously with the shirt. Then yesterday I found a cheap black velvet corset top to put over the shirt and bought two crinoline skirts to layer under the floral skirt.

And of course the last bit of the costume is the bratty attitude to go with it. I plan on doing lots of, "Tim Gunn doesn't get my style!" and "I wasn't going for elegant, Heidi."

Will post pictures tomorrow and will also go into more detail on my craft blog, [ profile] jescatling.
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